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Premium V2 Servers Access (max streaming quality FHD):
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- V2 Core Premium ( 13596 Live TV Channels + 38073 VOD Movies + 6051 VOD Series & 353 replay channels)
(Note: Better than VIP Lite for LiveTV = Super Stable and Fast, Focus is only on LiveTV and latest Movies and Series (less VOD than VIP Lite purposefully)

- Lite VIP Server ( 16739 Live TV Channels + 42149 VOD Movies + 12662 VOD Series + 252 Replay/Catchup Channels)
VIP Server Access:(max streaming quality 4K*) (more than 23221 Live TV Channels to choose from +more than 120383 VOD Movies +more than 21398 VOD Series
+ 961 Replay/Catchup Main Channels)

- All VIP Main Channels come in (FHD 50/60fps & UHD(4K)* depending on the availability or HEVC Quality) + EXTRA exclusives like UFC & WWE & BOXING VOD...

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- I had a free test first and confirm my equipment is running the service well.
(If you declined the offer of a free test this is at your own risk as this is a non-refundable service)
( you can edit this later to add or remove any Package - at no extra cost)
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